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Art of Values is a global community of creators and innovators working within a collective network of artists and educators. Each year, we will accept entries into our Official virtually housed collection, chosen from thousands of supporters worldwide. Each of the selected works will be made accessible through our community Meta- Village platform, chosen or shared by an esteemed jury of education and industry professionals. The Platform will serve as a testbed for new ideas, CPD programmers and youth creativity, offering reflection on the future of the arts, and featuring the next biggest names in independent creative communities.

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Creativity is transformative. We are looking for bold narratives that are told differently. We focus on the aesthetics that are the most meaningful, pressing and present in our world and welcome a diversity of subject matter and styles. We accept all forms of arts across multiple genres: Fine art, Sculpture, Installation, Poetry, Animation, Artists’ Film, Comedy, Dance, Drama, Experimental, Fashion, Music Video, as well as features, VR, 360 and immersive projects.

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Discover the best in emergent arts from our Official Community and Network Selection alumni. Our online Creativity library showcases a diverse selection of diverse art forms from UNITY Partnership, Creativity Community of Practice, Creative Youth Forum and our network of affiliated Community groups. Exemplar work from Fine Art to Film Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, Poetry, Music Video, Dance and Educational CPD Creativity Research can be viewed here.

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 Browse our archives to explore a collection of independent Virtual Gatherings and Platforms associated with our communities. View key speakers through years, as well as exciting updates from our alumni: rising stars of the future.

The ART OF VALUES Showcase celebrates the expression of values through visual arts. The showcase is being launched by Global Values Alliance in support of World Values Day (19th October 2023) with the theme ‘VALUES Bring Us Together'. This is an opportunity for everyone to connect with their inner artist. Open to all creators from all ages and levels around the world, the event will showcase a diversity of artwork created in a variety of formats & mediums. Entries should express a value or set of values that are meaningful, relevant to the theme of ‘VALUES Bring Us Together’. Examples include values such as “collaboration”, “belonging”, “dedication” or “connection.” Communities can be institutions, such as houses of worship, schools, existing arts/creative group or companies. They can also be self-defined sub-groups of these larger communities (e.g. middle school, a church sub-committee or a sales team). They could also be an informal group of friends/acquaintances.

That's the first thoughts format! A Meta-Village starting initially with a advertising reception, gallery space, library, theatre and communication room.