Olivia asked us, "How will I benefit from using your platform?" We answered, "Thanks Olivia for your question! Firstly, as a reader, you receive access to bespoke research, editorial opportunities, and all the benefits from interacting with like-minded creative people collaborating on joint ideas, projects, and editorials. Secondly, if there are pressing questions that you would like answers to by one of our community of experts, they will be constructed specifically for you, no robots!"



Creative Youth Forum and Creativity Community of Practice offer you a platform where young minds and great minds from global, social and cultural backgrounds, come together to share ideas and collectively create innovative solutions to everyday challenges.
Through our programs and workshops we hope to illuminate your potential and encourage you to make for the global community, a real difference.

Welcome to the Creativity Community of Practice and Creative Youth Forum Network:
A space to exchange knowledge and ideas with an international stage of creative educators, experts and engaged citizens.

The Creativity Community of Practice, and Creative Youth forum have united to create a single platform, to share and build their network of creative ideas and thought.

We are pleased that you have taken the time to read our articles by both the educational scholars and students who work with us. If you have thoughts on how we develop and grow, please share, and we will grow!



A coalition of educators, researchers, not for profits, organizations, foundations, artists, and creatives that meet virtually and/or in person to exchange theories, ideas, and best practices.



A visionary group of internationally acknowledged young creatives completely committed to sharing your voice on global educational developments and indentured to support your creative innovation and leadership.

NOW... Do these statements sound familiar? Then we look forward to your support, interest and collaboration!
“Education must be seen as a habit and mindset that allows individuals to collaborate with others to acquire and apply knowledge across disciplines in order to address the changing needs of their communities and the world.”. Greg Martin