Our Code of Conduct:
The following principles are the basis on which ongoing quality relationships are formed and maintained. This Code of Conduct should be applied in good faith, with reasonable judgment, to enable CYF- C-COP to achieve its mission within the framework of the laws of each participating country. It applies to all individuals participating in the network in any capacity (including, but not limited to: Our student team members, Network Advisors and C-COP members). These individuals will be referred to as network participants within this Code of Conduct.

CYF-C-COP expects all network participants to treat one another and all people with dignity and respect. We will value the differences between diverse individuals from around the world. Abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual. This consideration would prohibit any network participant at any time from physically or verbally abusing another person; from speaking negatively about other network members while representing themselves as an official member of the network; from using profane language or vulgar gestures; from demeaning or belittling another person or making derogatory comments about their race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation; and from engaging in conduct intended, or so reckless as to be likely to cause harm to another.

CYF-C-COP expects all members to demonstrate honesty and integrity in their statements and actions. All members shall adhere to the ideals of honesty, fairness without compromise at all times when communicating on our platform.
Media interaction.
When speaking to the news media and in other public statements and settings, participants should conduct themselves with respect and dignity, and they should not demean the organization or other network participants. If, in the context of public statements and settings, participants wish to speak as private individuals, they shall make clear their intention to do so.
It is the personal responsibility of each individual working within and on our platform to observe high standards of communication and personal ethics in all dealings, whether inside or outside the activities of the network.
The Creative Youth Forum for Global change in Education, and Creativity Community of Practise 
seeks to be warmly regarded around the world. We wish to earn and preserve a good reputation by striving for excellence in everything we do. As a participant in the network, your actions reflect CYF-C-COP at all times.
Any member of the network who believes another member has acted in violation of this code should report the violation in writing to the Supporting Team. Any complaint not filed in this manner will be disregarded.
Alison James | Neil D F Williams | Founders.