Neil Williams

Hello, my name is NEIL  - one of the editors of this Platform.
Artist, educator, writer, etc... I have lived in Shropshire, Gibraltar, Cardiff, Bristol and Haverhill, Called SIR for most of my life, and other names that don't appear in language today , even before Babel.
My parents chose to give a lot of their life's to supporting me and my " and how will that get you a job?" dreams. They, above most, believed in me.
The pirate shirts, red trousers and Tukka boots, would be pop star, young creative, will-be, actually became a lead in the arts! Because they believed, I believed, and because I believed,
things got done!
Why? Because there are, if you look for them, brilliant, selfless people, who are out there and will believe in you .
Shared with me, by example, was confidence and self-belief. Potential as a young person to understand that all ideas, however small or large are possible.
Thank you planet earth. If I was counting teaching numbers, I've been proud to work with 132 students who got into their chosen art schools, several world creative leaders, Bafta winners, film makers, film actors and writers, and most importantly, 28600 hours of art lessons.
Family, friends, teachers, coaches and people, generally want you to do well.
A close friend, Rabbi Brendan Kaduri, often says to me "if you ask a student to work for one week with two scholars, at the end of that week you will have three scholars"
Trust in your abilities, make the effort we would love to see you make, see your place on this planet and celebrate the fact that you can.