The CYF, the youth branch of Creativity Community of Practice, is a visionary group of young creatives completely committed to hearing your voice on global educational developments and here to support you with your creative innovation and leadership

Thank you for taking time to check us out. We are the Creative Youth Forum Network for Global Curriculum Change in Education, the live Q&A service, network support forum and quadrimestre periodical.

CYF Network is a space to exchange knowledge and ideas and cross pollinate questions and answers to pressing creativity problems.

Creative Youth Forum is an emergent platform directed by a CYF Network editorial team (10 -25yrs) and supported by a board of Educators, Academics, Creative Specialists and Professionals in Fine art; Animation; Film; Design; Creative Writing and Poetry; Drama and Dance; Engineering and Programming; Architecture; AI Science; Biomimicry and Fashion.

Creative Youth Forum  is united with  international creative corporations, and is affiliated to the Creativity Community of Practice community.

We are able to offer unwavering support to any questions you may have concerning your own education or career journey.

We are able to connect with over thirty global groups who are presently making a significant difference to support youth in both education, campaigns, summits and youth parliaments.

We happily accept articles from outside agencies and individual creatives, so please contact us if you have something to say or promote.

The platforms primary topics:

Creative Education Provision - Youth Columns

Inclusion and Neurodiversity at all levels of education

Global Creativity  Access and Networking

 Avant-garde innovation and creativity in  Education work spaces and curricular structures - Education Specialists and Consultants

Celebrating Youth Creativity in our Gallery for Young Film Makers, Designers,  Visual Artists and Writers

 Answers to your questions, in our "ASK THE EXPERTS" column  - Your personalised answers to questions with detailed one to one responses.

Our Creative Youth Forum Blog

Writers book recommendations

Creative Profiles - An insight into the working life's of our members.

                                                     Creative Community of Practise C-CoP
Our community exists to accelerate the development of creative skills, amplify creativity in the design of education programs, and promote creativity in the adoption of education policies across the globe for children and youth. C-COP drives equal access to quality education by celebrating plurality in all its forms and by building an open and inclusive forum for collaborative knowledge creation and sharing.