A lock down genius


Scott Fletcher


I studied BA Fine Art at KIAD, Canterbury, with a focus on oil painting. After three years of self directed study into technique and application, I decided to switch my focus on to painting conservation.

I was offered a place to study the Conservation & Restoration of Easel Based Paintings MA at Northumbria University. After completing my course I stopped painting as I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I chose to focus more on the conservation side of art rather than creating work myself. Despite always remaining creative, I didn’t feel the need or want to paint.

I hadn’t picked up a brush for nearly 9 years when lockdown happened, in which one day I started a conversation with my high school art tutor. When asked how my painting was going, I replied “I don’t paint anymore” to which I was told “You need to paint, I challenge you to a paint off”! I bought a canvas and paints the next day, but didn’t feel like painting. One Sunday morning, about a year later, I felt like trying. I decided to try acrylics for the first time.

As a bit of a joke/surprise, and a tribute to my ever supportive and motivating ex-tutor, I decided to paint a portrait of him. Since then I have painted two more pieces and have recently started taking commissions for private and commercial clients.