Why are so many young creatives not being acknowledged in so many mainstream education systems ?

Do you know which country is leading the world for productivity, employment, happiness, well being and creativity? 

FINLAND - nil points from Eurovision, oh! that the UK... most years

Yep, if you have asked me as a younger creative growing up anything specific about Finland, I probably wouldn't have any informed answers ( we didn't study that in school, we did KES and other non-life changing stuff)

Finland is top of about every table or chart for just about everything. When asked,  what do they say they do to make this all happen..  What is the Finnish secret? They bother to look at the most recent research in education for working in the new - not industrial revolution- but the creativity revolution.

Finland is ahead because it has acknowledged that the next generation of careers will focus on creativity as the generator of productivity, innovation, altruism, and yes , happiness. The bigger picture ideas will not be found in so many of the education structures we keep propping up. We need to open our eyes and realise change is inevitable. 

CREATIVITY is academic and necessary. 

And yet so many education systems still have STEM as a eleven to eighteen priority despite the growing career moves to educate skills in innovation and creativity. Are even the way in which we examine skills appropriate for our evolving world. 

STEM people, we are no longer in the Victorian era, and perhaps it needs to be a policy to acknowledge the importance of the arts and the skill lead they provide. Things have moved on. Finland have put an A into STEM and it seems to be making a big difference.


Sounds better don't you think?

Education results are the near the highest in the world, everyone is employed and really happy with there work and creativity is top of the pops!

Over the next three platform shares our youth team will be sharing their investigations into Finland's creativity polices in their education systems and in the work place. We will be researching deeper into this important reality and interviewing creatives to explain the differences and benefits living and being educated in Finland brings, and sharing with you what we discover.

 Creatives - your time is now,

carpe diem