Question from Olivia | UK | "How would I benefit from using your web site?"

"How can I benefit  from using your web site?" Answer - Thanks Olivia for your question. Firstly, if you are aged between 18 and 25 you can benefit from the opportunity to join our global network community. This will allow you to interact with like minded creative people and collaborate on ideas and projects. Secondly, if there is a pressing questions that you would like an answer to by one of our community of experts, constructed specifically for you and your circumstances, we will aim to satisfy them as best we can. Thirdly if you would like to promote your creative work or an article, we can present these on this platform.

 You might just want to read other creatives questions and answers, visit our galleries or read the present published articles. 

If there is something more specific you would like us to provide, will will endeavour to achieve that also. 

I hope that answers your question Olivia and you will promote our site to others.