Michael asks | " A friend told me putting together a portfolio of my creative projects is a good idea for any work application. How would presenting a portfolio at interview support my chances?"

Michael,  a creative portfolio will demonstrate your ability for independent thought, team work, outcomes and deadlines and innovative thinking. 

Creativity can be defined as an act of generating new, imaginative and personal ideas. It is far more essential in the work place than perhaps you were told whilst at school. It is essential for  innovation, proactive changes, solving problems and communicating with others in the workplace. It may involve identifying routine changes, workers potential, patterns, making connections between things that are normally not related and thinking of new ideas. 

Creativity and creative thinking are valuable for problem-solving. When you think creatively, you can identify more unique and innovative solutions to everyday challenges. This can lead to new ways for professionals to accomplish tasks, increase productivity and improve efficiency. 

Having creativity skills that you have already identified and used in problem solving are important for professionals in all industries to possess, whether they're developing a new product or identifying strategies greater development and improved customer satisfaction.

So defiantly take your portfolio.