Colin asks | "Some of my friends have heard of an interview technique that can give you more opportunity to explain what you have, and can do, in a short interview time. What is STAR and how will it help?"

Thanks Colin, good question!


The STAR approach to interviews, especially creatives is so beneficial because it gives you the time and space to project a fuller picture of your approach to developing and building your ideas and innovations. 

Interviews can be like auditions, you either get it right on the day or someone else does.

STAR keeps your answers concise and compelling and will far better allow employers to get a broader picture of your potential and evaluate how well you fit the job. 

STAR can be broken down like this:

  • Situation: Give the person interviewing you a concise overview of your background and experience, allowing you to explain your circumstances effectively. You have more time to explain where you have come from and want to go.
  • Task: What can you bring to the position being offered? Use you creative portfolio to illuminate your previous successes and innovations. How you were able to address tasks and create outcomes, and examples of responsibilities you held in past projects in the job application situation. These are the objectives that were set for you before you took the creative action.
  • Action: Clarify exactly how you were able to model tasks and give  details about exactly what steps you took to be successful.
  • Result: Using your portfolio to illuminate effective results and successfully amended  problems and focus on how your creative contribution had a positive impact on the end result.