Riley-may Fletcher | “The Electrician” Acrylic on canvas 52x48 Inch |

My painting practice focuses on the exploration and psychology of colour and tones to create aesthetically pleasing work. I explore the subjects of aesthetics in colour theory and how we are drawn to them.
Through my research of colour, I have come to the realization that we naturally look to vibrant and bright colours. Each colour carries a different emotion and sense of environment. Naturally we react to colours in certain ways such as red which is a vibrant attention seeking colour associated with warmth, passion and danger. I use colours in a way to distract your eyes from the real techniques of my practice with an illusionistic approach in the placement of colour and marks to trick the eye from what you think you see and what you really see. My marks are based on randomized movement inspired by the techniques of abstract expressionists. The marks stem from nothing but within my pieces I aim to make it a prominent piece travelling around the canvas and giving it a purpose. I have been heavily inspired by the techniques of artists like Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell and Franz Kline. With this it has expanded my impressionistic approach that follows into the modernization of abstract expressionism. The purpose of my paintings is for you the viewer to create your own narrative and fixation finding a mark or colour which catches your eye. Either discovering a shape which resembles and object or a selection of colour that resonates with you. I want you to form your own personal attachment to my work just as I have a personal attachment as the creator