Collaboration with Alton Climate Action Network (ACAN)
Since 2019 Alton Climate Action Network (ACAN) has brought people in Alton and the surrounding villages together to take positive community action to reduce our impact on the planet, and restore the natural environment. (Taken from the ACAN website:
I am really pleased to announce that I have been invited by members of (ACAN) to take part in their upcoming event titled - ALTON ECO-FAIR: Celebrating Earth Friendly Living on Sunday 16th July, 10am to 2pm, Alton Public Gardens, Alton, GU34 1EN (Free Admission). I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

The 1st photo in this post shows me and one of my art students & (ACAN) member Jenny Griffiths. Over the last few weeks Jenny and I have been busy collaborating on a mini cement bag Sculptural Painting specifically for this exciting event. I have worked with my signature mark making style and Jenny has included a Triquetra symbol to this artwork. A symbol that Jenny has worked with in many of her own artworks. The Triquetra as a symbol represents things, such as unity, protection, and everlasting life. A nice nod to how I am trying to preserve these used cement bags as Sculptural Paintings. Jenny has painted her version of a Triquetra in her signature UV painting style.

I will have the opportunity at the Eco-Fair to talk about my Art Practice and my background in creating artworks out of pre-used building materials. In particular my latest series of building bag Sculptural Paintings. I will have a couple of them on show, so people can get a true understanding of how I make these works and the attachment to supporting the environment.