The Creativity and Innovation Day to remember.

What will the focus of Creativity and Innovation day be on 21 April 2023? Creativity and Innovation Day is focused on inspiring creativity and innovation in all areas of life. It is an opportunity to celebrate the power of imaginative thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. The day aims to encourage individuals and organizations to explore new ideas and to think outside of the box. It also encourages people to take risks and to be open to learning new things. The main goal is to promote creativity and innovation in all aspects of life. Why are is there a focus on permaculture and what is the purpose of the permaculture ethics? The purpose of the permaculture ethics is to promote sustainable living by following three core principles: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share. They are intended to guide ethical decision-making and to provide a framework for designing and managing land and resources in a way that respects the environment and pro - vides for people’s needs. The ethics can be applied to all aspects of life, from food production to lifestyle choices. How is Creativity and Innovation linked to permaculture and a re - generative future? Creativity and innovation are linked to permaculture and a regenerative future be - cause they are essential for developing new ideas and solutions for living in harmony with the natural environment. Creative and innovative thinking can help us to identi - fy sustainable and regenerative solutions for our current environmental challenges, such as climate change, soil degradation, and species loss. Permaculture practices, such as regenerative agriculture, help to create a regenerative future by restoring and regenerating ecosystems. Innovation and creativity can help us to identify and implement regenerative solutions.

Now what can you do to help us? 1. Share your project with us because we want to celebrate your story and your work 2. Provide us with pre reading material to share 3. Create a small introduction video about yourself Include these parts in your video: Please provide us with the video information ASAP. We are getting our social media up and running and your voice is key. * Who you are * Where you are from or where your project is based * What you are working on that is inspiring to share with world and worth celebrating * What participants will learn in your session * Connect the dots how you are implementing creativity and innovation in your place braced project * Share your impact story with us (in a nutshell) * Highlight your tools, techniques, methods or principles *Let us know how you do what you do and how others can do the same 

What to remember while preparing your presentation: 1. Prepare thoroughly for your creativity workshop, you will have 45 minutes to do your magic. 2. Create a positive and supportive environment for the participants. 3. Encourage the participants to share their ideas and be creative. 4. Be mindful of the balance between allowing people to explore their ideas and staying on track with the workshop goals. 5. Inspire the participants to think outside of the box and come up with innovative solutions. 6. Lead the participants through the workshop, ensuring that everyone is engaged and participating 

How can you guide your participants: 1. Introduce the big question and ask participants to brainstorm solutions. 2. Guide the participants through an activity to help them create a plan of action. 3. Ask participants to identify the resources that they have available to them and how they can use them to reach their goals. 4. Facilitate a discussion about the importance of collaboration and how it can help scale small actions for big impact. 5. Encourage the participants to think of ways they can add value to their lives and the lives of other people through their actions. 6. Break the participants into small groups and ask them to come up with an action plan. 7. Give the participants time to refine their action plans and think of ways to apply them to their lives. 8. Reconvene the group and ask them to share 9. Celebrate the results of the workshop and discuss how the participants can continue to use their action plans to add value to their lives and Earth Day 22 April 2023