One Earth, One Health, One With

One Earth, One Health, One With - A Leadership Summit for People, Planet and the Future April 20-26, 2023 An online, worldwide gathering of leaders who care about the healing of people, our planet and our shared future for nature-inspired and Indigenous wisdom, collaborative learning, immersion experiences, transformative practices, inspiration, meditation and muscle to address the critical work of our time with heartfelt connectedness. Through live events and recorded sessions, we’ll explore the intersection of climate change health, and EDUCATION sharing guidance and inspiration around regeneration and nature-inspired “perma leadership” that heals the world around it. Participants will be further resourced by transformative practice sessions for deepening connection with themselves and nature, as well as interactive online sessions, augmented by local in-person events, for building connections with others and communities of practice enduring beyond the summit. In addition to wisdom and inspiration offered in many summits, One Earth, One Health, One With aims to help participants find their place in the work, as well as practices and support for creating thriving in their world, healing where they can in the climate crisis, and facing its fallout with unshakeable resilience
TASK - C-COP - invited to run DAY 2 on World Innovation and Creativity Day

•Offer to create a pre-recorded session (10 mins to 45 mins) •Share research •Share tools •Share inspiring stories •Showcase your work • •Invite your network to participate