C.Y.F. FOUNDER shares his thoughts and writes about the end of this quarter edition.

Wow! What an amazing last three months we have had together.

With over three hundred artists, composers, film makers, dancers, poets and creative performers joining our group, we have enough articles to write for the next year!

What i am particularly proud of is that we have continued to post work without prejudice, including articles by youth and professional adults, some emerging, some established with significant careers.

We have read about building newt sculpture gardens and biodiversity programmers from editors Mark and Sofia and Rosina, prominent artists profiles from Spiros, Alef and Jardine. Theater and film life from William and Olivia, and informative blogs including UNITY schools partnership thanks to Andy and Jayne.

We have also seen the forming of Fourth dimension and its omniverse virtual creativity space, and the Art Space virtual gallery for East Anglia schools and academies.

I have had the amazing opportunity to take a seat on the Norfolk and Norwich Festival education steering group, set up the Fourth Dimension founders group, watch our galleries and summit campus being built, and looking forward to speaking at the 2023 summit at the Marconi Institute for Creativity in Milan in September.

The more we can connect, network and celebrate our collected and strong belief that there is a space for all creatives to celebrate their achievements, the more i believe this vibrant platform will grow. A big shout out as always to the inspiring Alison James,founder of the Creativity Community of Practice and BIC Foundation Executive Director without whom we would not have been created. 

The BIC Foundation continues to support and promote creativity in the arts globally and has supported so well all of our networking and sharing of creativity for young people. Without their support, encouragement and confidence in what we have set out to achieve this is a conversation that would not have acknowledged. To them and all of you, a massive thank you. Lets continue sharing and illuminating all forms of creativity. Watch this space for many more exciting stories in our third quarter and fourth editions for 2023.