Marconi Institutes creativity research annual conference.

Todd Lubart chaired an event as part of the Marconi Institutes creativity research annual conference.

September 13, 2023

Mixed event: Trieste (Italy) & Virtual attendance

The 7th MIC Conference 2023 gathered multidisciplinary scientists, educators, and practitioners from all over the world to present their views, results, and open issues about all aspects related to Creativity Studies.

The general theme of this MIC Conference was Creative Cross-Pollination's: calling for innovative views and results concerning approaches and methods derived from the fusion of different perspectives, disciplines, and domains of knowledge 

Our speakers were able to explain their present roles in creative research and education outlining the work they are doing with organisations globally. This was followed by a series of responses to prominent questions forwarded by Professor Lubart on the the current situation of creativity in our education systems. Later this was followed up by live questions and answers from he expert research audience.

This was a brilliant opportunity to experience ideas and proposals from an expert panel and community on the importance of creativity in education and how it should be acknowledged and practically brought forward. A call for action paper will follow the summit findings and has already led to nightly Zoom meetings booked for the next three months with interested parties across the globe!

Keep your eyes on the next developments of this exciting development!

Marconi Institute Panel Discussion Trieste University (face to face and virtual) Sept 202316.30h - to 17.30h Central European Time Creativity and the Future of EducationModerator: Todd Lubart


 Session Flow 

1 minToddOverview of the aims of the session and ‘what’s in it for participants to listen Intro to Alicia to share context
3 minsAliciaExplanation of BIC Foundation 
  • Why creativity in education
  • Creation of C-COP and aims
  • Why this panel is important to our community
1 minToddPanel Kick off 
  • Ask each person to do 1 min intro to themselves and their perspective on the topic
5 minsEach panelistIntroductions and initial thoughts
25  minsTodd plus panelQ&A – Picks up from introductions and moves into prepared questions which will be established in a prep call with the panel
20 minsAudience questionsQ&A from Audience live in room (and virtual?)
5 minsTodd and Alison (Alison is virtual)Concluding comments and Call to Action for researchers re the State of Research paper submission