The Concept

To facilitate these connections, the 4th Dimension offers networking features, allowing you to connect with other visitors who share similar interests or expertise. Engage in private conversations, join group discussions, or even collaborate on projects and artistic endeavors. The possibilities for creative collaboration and meaningful connections are endless.

"Welcome to the 4th Dimension - a
 space to inspire creativity, connection and collaboration. 
The space is ready for a diverse variety of visionaries, artists, creatives, communities and organisations from all over the world to come together, explore and discover. 
The empty space you see now is the portal to an omniverse of boundless potential.  Only time will tell what it will become. 
The 4th Dimension will host exhibitions, shows and events. There will be the opportunity to share resources and points of view. The space is your canvas. Be bold. 
Join us in the 4th Dimension to be part of a new era in the way we engage, experience and exchange free from the restrictions of time and place. The future is here, and it's waiting for you to create it"